Hameau18: Housing co-op

On a 50-hectare land located in Gaspésie, we experience day-to-day practices and know-how, traditional or reinvented, in order to move towards self-sufficiency and an alternative way of life. In this land, which already hosts many buildings and projects, everyone seeks to find a more coherent link with his daily life, whether for housing, food, entertainment or the production of goods and knowledge.

And if this laboratory is primarily aimed at its inhabitants, it also offers a place that the community invests regularly for the same reasons, either through projects anchored in the place, visits and woofing. Our actions thus radiate beyond the local landscape - hence the name that we could give it as a laboratory of social utility.

We are welcoming but we are not a place to welcome :) We like the visit and we like to welcome in good conditions, so thank you for contact us if you want to come see us.

July 15 2017: celebrations of the Hameau 18 10th birthday

June 30 2016: we founded the Hameau 18 co-op.
3 months later, the land and buildings were officially sold to the new co-op.
A BIG thank you to the donors and lenders who allowed us to conclude our fundraising campaign.

2007: creation of the community and purchase of the land

photo: Céline

One land, many projets...

In 2007, six people joined forces to buy a land in the Gaspé region: 50 hectares of abandoned forest and fields, a single-family house, a barn and a tractor. That's what they had to start their eco-village ...

Use vs. property

In deciding on the creation of Hameau 18, we immediately decided that this land should not be a commodity; it would be at the disposal of a group united around shared values and each individual could then build his place of life and practice his activities there.

photo: Céline

A collaborative lab

A collective project is a bit like gardening. Must be patient, cross the storms of the northwest, welcome the days of great beauty. Must listen and pay attention to details, must deal with it. With the seasons, the young shoot clings and takes root...

More info?

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. If you want to help us or visit the project, contact us in advance that we can see together our availability and our capacity.
email @ Hameau18